Smart Advertising

Prepare your campaign

Create an ad campaign that best fits your advertising goal - to GROW user base with rewarded downloads or ENGAGE users with creative banner ads. Our in-house creative design team will help you develop new banner concepts and variations on clickable call-to-actions, messaging and visuals. Read More

Allocate your budget

Start with a reasonable budget to acquire first 300 installs of your app. Keep track of campaign performance in GOWIDE dashboard where you get a 100% transparent view into every dollar of your advertising spend.Our support team will help you complete the integration in less than 10 mins. Just contact your account manager to get it done. Read More

Optimize for desired actions

Our goal is to help optimize your app install campaign for specific user actions inside your app. Our smart bidder automatically learns sources converting at the lowest CPI, and as you increase overall ad spending you get more daily installs while the system tries to optimize for target CPA. Read More